Presenting Our Team

AboutKeeping a website such as this one informative and up-to-date is a team effort. And what a team we have! Each of us brings something different to the table, and we’re all driven by our passion towards real-money gambling. We also deeply dislike dishonest behaviour, so working for LCR comes naturally to us.

Ted Wheeler

Ted is our table games expert. For reasons the rest of us fail to understand, he finds blackjack the most entertaining form of casino gambling.

We appreciate having Ted around — he brings variety to our group of writers by focusing on each casino’s table games selection while the rest of us are more into slot machines.

Ted spends his pastime reading history books, contemplating his next chess move and — you guessed it — playing blackjack at his local casino.

Randy Williams

Randy rarely plays online casino games nowadays — instead, he spends much of his time staying up-to-date on the online gambling industry. You might even say his love for the gambling industry has replaced his love for the actual games.

Throughout the years, he’s built up a pile of valuable knowledge on different companies and people involved in the industry.

He’s a huge help and always has valuable insight for our core mission: identifying the most legitimate casinos online.

Mike Ashburn

Mike plays more casino games than the rest of us combined. (He especially loves mobile slots.)

For the past couple of years, he can count his off-days (zero spins of slot machines) on two hands.

For the purposes of writing for this site, Mike has signed up at tens of different online casinos, which he’ll test in every way imaginable.

We’re lucky to have Mike as a part of our team.

Liz Miller

Liz is the driving force behind Legit Casino Finder. She makes sure everything works around here. She has a knack for content ideas — should any of us ever run out of topics to write about, we know she has us covered.

Liz keeps an eye on the industry and writes for our upcoming blog.

She’s found card games interesting for as long as she remembers, and she loves the atmosphere of a busy casino. She’ll also be more excited than you can imagine to answer your e-mails.


ExperienceThe four of us have 60+ years of collective gambling experience. We started at brick & mortar casinos (and still visit those from time to time). Then, around 15 years ago, as internet connections and casino software got good enough (although far cry from what we have today), we jumped headfirst into the world of online gambling.

To us, being able to gamble on the internet meant we can play anywhere we want to, anytime we want to, and have a much larger game selection to choose from. In the past, you were actually able to make a nice profit by taking an advantage of online casino bonuses, so that increased our interest even more. (Nowadays you can still make some money with bonus offers but there are fewer opportunities and they’re harder to find.)

The industry desperately needs honest opinions and reporting. We simply want to do our share to guide players to legitimate casino sites. LegitCasinoReviews is our channel for doing so.

Rogue Casinos

As online gambling started getting popular, we noticed another (worrying) trend: dishonest gambling operators kept popping up left and right. Unlike in the case of brick and mortar casinos, it’s hard to find the people who run these operations in order to hold them responsible for their scammy actions.

When you deposit money into your casino account, the money actually goes to a bank account located who-knows-where.

What if the casino decided to run-off with your money?

All it takes is creating an attractive online casino website, being able to accept deposits and getting some visibility. (Judging by the “success” of some rogue casino operators, you can do well even without a well-functioning, trust-inducing website.)

Casino games aren’t community games (unlike online poker) so even if the casino scams you out of your money, there’s less of a likelihood other gamblers will notice it or hear about it. Fortunately, online casino gamblers nowadays are more vocal than ever and we have several online communities who are willing to allow their users to discuss casino scams.


And not all casinos that take their customers’ money are evil. It’s relatively easy to start a casino on the internet since there are plenty of white label software options (you need minimal technical proficiency to get started), the business model is simple (on average, you get a certain % for every dollar your customers spend on your games), and overall it just seems like a simple (and therefore “easy”) way to make money.

With that you get too many incompetent participants.

Running an online casino — much like any other thing you want to excel at — is all but easy. Yes, it’s relatively easy to understand the different parts of the operation, but simple does not equal easy.

That’s why it makes sense to trust online casinos that have proven track records. Identifying such operators requires research and experience. It’s unreasonable to expect people who play casino games as their hobby to do hours of research before joining an internet casino.

Affiliate Marketers

And as if choosing a legit operator wasn’t already difficult enough, there are plenty of informational websites who recommend online casinos based on how much money they receive in return. The people behind these sites are called “casino affiliates.”

And the casinos who rarely pay their customers? Well, no wonder they can afford to pay higher fees to affiliates… they’re not paying their customers!

Not every affiliate is knowingly directing their visitors towards scammers.