Rating System Rogue Casino Report: AffPower

There isn’t just one area of concern regarding the company; there are two relatively major issues that have arisen with the company as well as its casino partners.

Who is AffPower?

In the most simplistic of explanations, AffPower is a company that has some dedicated casino brands directly under its umbrella and then secures online affiliates to promote these brands.

The affiliates receive monthly commissions in conjunction with the players that they directly send to the casinos and based directly on their wagering. Commissions are negatively affected by successful players, however, as winnings are then deducted from the affiliate payouts.

The company doesn’t post specifics about its tenure but does state that its current operators have a combined 25 years in the casino industry.

AffPower and its affiliate programs were, in past years, a part of the prominent London and Berlin Affiliate Conferences so, when significant allegations came out that were then proven to be true, many of its partners, as well as competitors, were stunned.

Why are They Being Singled Out?

1. Pirated NetEnt Games

This situation came to light in May of 2016 as it was proven that AffPower Casinos were using pirated NetEnt games.

All legitimate NetEnt games are hosted on a gamesmodule.com server. AffPower’s casinos were providing copies of these games, such as Gonzo’s Quest, with a server name 24techpro.com. Other games would display alternative servers like gamesapi.net as well.

To the average player, the games looked legitimate but opened them up to possible unfair gaming that can then be translated to theft.

After the news had broken, miraculously, a new server name appeared. This time casinomodYle.com, so, at first glance, the misspelling may not be noticed.

Again, keep in mind that casinomodule.com is the real NetEnt’s actual server.

The casinos singled out for their involvement:

  • Atlanticcasinoclub.com
  • Casinoblu.com
  • Casinobordeaux.com
  • Casinotriomphe.com
  • Cashpotcasino.com / cosmikcasino.com
  • Crazycasinoclub.com
  • Deuceclub.com
  • Euromooncasino.com
  • Magikcasino.com
  • Osiriscasino.com
  • Parklaneecasino.com
  • Ramsesgold.com
  • Slots500.com

The Impact of the Privacy

Software piracy, particularly regarding online gambling where both fair and equitable play, as well as secure financial transactions, should be assured, leaves the players exposed. Their personal information, their computers or mobile devices, and their financial transactions could be wide open for theft, spamming, and viruses.

Not only did the situation negatively affect the players, but the honest affiliates who knew nothing of the inner-workings of AffPower and were unknowingly promoting their practices.

As far as anyone knows, there were no player notifications, nor updates sent to their affiliates. They just conducted business as usual without skipping a beat.

2. Negative SEO Practices

Apparently, it wasn’t enough for AffPower’s casinos to use pirated software, so they had to take things a step further and retaliate against parties who publicized their exploits.

In one particular case, not only did they scrape the review website and used backlinks to subvert its Google rankings, but also redirected visitors to the different AffPower Group owned and operated casinos. Not exactly covert in our opinion.

The Impact of the Hackings

Not only did AffPower negatively affect the websites they specifically targeted for retribution but, it makes you wonder what other types of practices they were or are willing to use to mislead customers and attack anyone that gets in their way.

Current State of Affairs

AffPower is still up and running at AffPower.com. There is another site, affpower.co.uk, that may appear to be part of the group but, instead, is a site dedicated to exposing the company and their various casinos. Instead of using the tagline “AffPower, the power of a real partnership”, they use “AffPower, the power of a real shafting.”

Unbelievably, AffPower.com publicizes a list of their current and active casinos. You’ll note that some were on the original blacklist, but others are new to the brand. Each one on the list indicates that it’s owned and operated by Game Tech Group N.V. and licensed in CuraƧao.

Their current casino holdings list:

  • Atlanticcasinoclub.com
  • Cashpotcasino.com
  • Casino1club.com
  • Companycasino.com
  • Euromooncasino.com
  • Orisiscasino.com
  • Parklaneecasino.com
  • Smashingcasino.com

All that we can say is that there is a massive amount of negative information posted online about this company. It’s a subsidiary of Game Tech Group N.V. and Conan Gaming Limited and has also been linked in a roundabout way to the Club World Group of casinos. Although the reports against Club World are not nearly as damaging, any affiliation with these people is probably not in anyone’s best interest.