A Guide to Scratch Cards

Do you crave excitement? Do you desire to uncover the unknown? Sounds like you were meant to fall into scratch cards. It’s a good thing you landed on this page. We will cover anything and everything there is to know about playing this form of gambling.


Scratch to WinMany of you out there have probably been searching for a new and stimulating way to gamble. We understand times are changing. The days of getting worked up from pulling a metal lever on a slot machine are long behind us folks.

People are looking for something new to try. A game where they don’t have to read a rule book or put in hours of practice to improve. Look no further ladies and gentlemen, we present you with scratch-off games.

Let this page be your all-inclusive guide to walk you through how to play and where to find these games. We will tell you why you should be playing as well as how and when the games even got started in the first place. Read on enjoy this journey from the earliest lotto tickets to countless options to play online!

Why These Sites

We recommended the sites above because they will provide you with the best gambling experience the internet has to offer. There are a plethora of online casino sites out there and being diligent about the ones you trust and play at is a big decision.

Most of you won’t have the endurance to weed through the reviews and know which sites are worthy. Trial and error can be an expensive lesson.

Have faith knowing we did the homework for you. We rank sites based on their how reliable and accountable they are with their software and treatment of customers. How fast and confidently you can deposit and withdraw money are also taken very seriously by our team.

We want you to not only have a legitimate chance of winning some real money, but we want you to be satisfied each and every time you log in to play. These sites have earned their spot on the list by filling that void.

Now, most of you probably know what scratch tickets are and how to play. If you just wanted to know which sites had the best promotions and most trusted gameplay, then jump right to the sights we mentioned and start firing away!

If you are thinking, “what the heck are scratch-and-win tickets?”, don’t worry. Follow along and we will get you comfortable so you can start scratching off your own winners.

What Are “Scratchers”?

Scratchcard games are about having fun. People seeking a thrill should stop searching right now. Click on one of the sites we recommended or drive to the nearest gas station selling lottery tickets. The only thing you are missing out on is if you don’t play at all!

Scratch-offs can be found in a variety of forms. When you read about someone winning ridiculously large sums of money from tickets they bought in a gas station, they’ve done it by scratching off tickets. We’re talking about any game that involves revealing a hidden result by “scratching off” on a piece of paper or clicking on icons on a screen.

You may be wondering why you would want to play these kinds of games. Let’s discuss some of those reasons now.


Scratch cards offer an element of surprise that can’t be matched by any other gambling games on the internet. Playing live lottery games is something everyone should at least try. The joy and excitement of scratching a card with a coin or your fingernail to reveal a winning ticket can only be accessed by trying it for yourself. There are quite a few reasons you might want to consider playing scratchers.

Immediate Results

A lot of us like to gamble and make bets. but we don’t want to have to wait on the results. Betting on sports games and contest can be exhilarating no doubt. But not all of us have the time to wait around for three-plus hours to see if our team covered the four-point spread.

With these games, throw waiting around out the window. Your biggest concern with playing online will be how fast you can scroll and click your mouse. When playing in person, how fast you can scrape your index finger across the square sheet of paper will be your biggest hurdle.

Scratch tickets provide immediate results, so don’t worry about knowing whether or not you won. You will either be cashing in for big bucks or buying your next scratch-off card in no time.

No Skill or Practice Required

You read that correctly. This is not like most casino game guides. This page is going to flood you with an extensive sheet of rules. We aren’t going to talk about all the different bets that can be made and what the casino advantage is on each one.

When you play Scratchies, all you need to know is how to click a mouse or how to use the tip of your fingernail. There are no guide or strategy books. Just plain old having fun and taking a chance.

Before you jump the gun and start playing, let’s make sure its legal in your area.

Where Can You Play?


Let’s start with the state lotteries. There’s little doubt that you want your shot at glory. Quitting your day job and retiring to an island with warm weather year-around can be achieved by winning one of those enormous national lotteries such as the Powerball or Mega Millions. If you live in one of the 44 states that sanction the lottery, then you are in luck. However, if you reside in Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, or Utah, you are out of luck.

Well technically, you can still play. You will just have to visit one of the states within the jurisdictions of where it’s permitted and you can purchase as many tickets as you would like.

When you see the dollar amount of one of the major lotteries reaching historic heights, rest assured you will see a line of Las Vegas residents heading southbound on the I-15 highway trying to make their way to the Lotto Store right on the Nevada-California border.

If you live in another country, chances are lotteries are available to you. Here’s an in-depth guide of where you can play and the potential lotteries offered. If you want to play from the comfort and convenience of your own home, then you’re in luck.


Clearly, we won’t be able to match the physical sensation of revealing winners at the literal tip of our fingers. But we can still create that element of anticipation when playing scratch cards online. The online sites use a software program similar to the random number generators used in slot machines around the world.

Predicting how or when to click on the different icons and symbols is not something we have figured out. Don’t spend your time or energy trying to come up with a master plan to beat the system.

Many have already tried and failed at that very same idea.

You can argue that the games offered online are actually safer and more secure than the cards found in stores and gas stations. We are not advocating that the live lottery system is rigged by any means, but it’s unlikely that a casino would cheat at the online version of the game (if you’re playing at a legitimate casino). If you could come up with a way to solve and defeat the random number generators, e-mail us your solution and we can reap the benefits and rewards together!

How Do You Play?

ScratchersBefore the days of the online casino websites, the only way to get our “scratch off” gambling fix was to purchase tickets at the nearest lottery store. Depending on where we lived, this may or may not have been readily available to us.

This section on how to play scratchcard games is going to be short and sweet. You know what the games are and you know where you can gain access to them.

  1. Live, all you do is scratch and see what’s hidden behind the “scratch off”.
  2. Online, all you do is move your mouse over the icons and click.

Now you need to know what to do in order in win.

We know there isn’t a bullet-proof plan for winning at these games. Being extremely lucky is the first and primary way to win money playing. Having “the right touch” when buying tickets and selecting games can also go a long way.

If you look closely, you will notice both of our recommendations are not things we have full control over. What we do have control over is our bankroll management and the games and tickets we decide to play.

What’s My Limit?

There is no absolute rule here. You will have to use some personal discipline to decide when to keep playing and when to stop. We do have a couple theories and suggestions that may help.

Game and Ticket Selection

Play cheaper games and buy less expensive tickets. The thrill of the game is in the actually “scratching off” or revealing of what’s hidden. Let’s say your daily budget for scratch-off games is $20.

Instead of playing only two $10 games, try playing ten $2 games. This way, you will get more excited with the bang for your buck. You will get to scratch off ten separate cards instead of only two. All while spending the same amount of money!

Another tip that should help your bottom line is to make sure you are playing on the best sites. You want sites that offer the best promotions and best bonuses. Remember, you don’t have to do all that research, we already did that for you!


Depending on if you are playing scratchies at the online casino sites or trying your hand at the state and national lotteries, you will be in for a rush. You know there is no skill involved in these games- but that doesn’t mean we can’t or shouldn’t be selective about where we spend our money and take our chances.


Going for a larger assortment of possibilities is a good place to start. If you want to spend $10 at the lottery store, don’t spend it on one ticket. Increase your likelihood of experiencing that winning feeling by purchasing multiple tickets. Maybe 10 of the $1 games will be your recipe for success that day!

Check the back of your ticket before buying. Most tickets will expose the true odds of winning and the specific prizes and amounts associated. Be smart, be meticulous during your selection process. Give yourself the best and most realistic shot at being able to say, “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!”


You already know to check look for deposit bonuses and promotions offered when deciding which sites to play at. Because there are so many sites out there, this procedure of finding the best ones can be painstaking. That’s why we did the work for you. The sites we listed will deliver the results you are looking for. Winning money, now that’s still in your hands!

Knowing which sites to play at is just half the battle. Because scratch-and-win tickets have become so wildly popular, game publishers have created a collection of options. Whether you are clicking on money symbols or women in bikinis, it’s all the same. You are clicking on icons, discovering what prizes lie underneath.

If you are curious as to how or when these games were originated, read along.


Scientist John Koza and the Scientific Games Corporation company were the brains behind the original creation. It was 1974 when Koza and his team member Daniel Bower created the first computer-generated instant lottery type game. They were certainly onto something.

It would take an additional 13 years for their creation to gain enough notoriety to the point where it could no longer be ignored. The firm Astro-Med, Inc filed a patent in West Warwick, Rhode Island in 1987 and from then on, the idea was a hit.

In the years since, major brands such as Monopoly and Major League Baseball have put their names behind the game in some fashion or another. With facilities across the globe, Scientific Games Corporation and Pollard Banknote are the two chief producers of lottery tickets in the world today.


If you made it all the way to this section without clicking on an online site to start playing… bravo! You have more patience than most of us. The simplicity of the game and speediness of the results make scratchcards an irresistible form of gambling.

Hearing stories like those of a hard-working mother winning life-changing money at the tip of her finger (literally) show the public that it could happen to anyone.

You could be that next person on NBC News being talked about as the richest Powerball winner in history. The first obstacle standing in your way is simply getting out there. You have to put yourself in the position to be successful. The first step to doing that is playing at an online casino or going out and buying a ticket.

We wish you best of luck!