Cleopatra Slot Review

Just 39 years old when she committed suicide with the help of a poisonous snake, but Cleopatra made her mark back in 30 BC and still influences people today. She was the famous Pharaoh of the Ptolemaic Kingdom, the last ancient Egyptian kingdom.

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What’s Good?

  • A legendary slot machine.
  • A max. payout of 10,000 credits.
  • Free spins bonus can be retriggered up to 180 times.
  • Recognizable symbols, music and sound effects.

What Could Be Better?

  • Unavailable to US players.
  • 95.02% return to players.
  • Only 88.98% RTP when top prize below $750k.

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12 Years Later

Her story captivated movie-goers in the famous and famously expensive 1963 movie starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, and it's no wonder that the game that bears her name and image has been a favorite of slot players since it first appeared on casino floors back in 2005.

The first Cleopatra slot game is still a player favorite today, but it's a bit of a mystery why it would be so popular when many other choices have bigger payout potential and more interactive features.

Recognizable symbols, music, and memorable sound effects seem to be the keys to its appeal. There is only one bonus round, and the maximum payout is 10,000 credits, but this game is arguably one of the most famous land based games and has also taken the world of online gambling by storm.

The Eye Of Ra Or The Eyes Of Cleopatra

If you want to claim the 10,000 credit treasure, you need to line Cleopatra up five times across the board.

Cleo is a five reel, 20 pay line game that is available in multiple denominations. There are the penny or 1p versions all the way up to $25 per line or $500 per spin. This isn't a progressive jackpot slot so the higher you bet, the better off you are should you get lucky enough to claim the 10,000 credit win.

You want to reveal those Queen of the Nile symbols as they can help players in two ways. Not only are five of them the winning combination, but each one is also a wild symbol and doubles the payout.

While the eyes of Cleopatra are the most desired, the Eyes of Ra starts out the symbol payouts on the low end of the spectrum. You get paid for all symbols in between as well; we're just providing the basics to give you an idea of the pay scale.

The Eye of Ra
Three = 10 credits
Five = 250 credits

The Crook and Flail
Three = 10 credits
Five = 250 credits

Three = 15 credits
Five = 400 credits

Two = 2 credits
Five = 750 credits

Two = 2 credits
Five = 750 credits

Cleopatra (more accurately, her eyes with her name below)
Two = 10 credits
Five = 10,000

The wild card substitutes for any symbol except the Sphinx.

The One and Only

There's not a lot to learn with this game as there is only one bonus round and it's triggered by three to five Sphinx symbols in any position.

Those well-known visual and sound effects usher in 15 free spins whereby all wins are also tripled during the bonus phase. One of the most exciting features is that the free spins can be triggered up to 180 times. We would think that if you had a few thousand plays, you might end up with something significant.

If you took note of the 10,000 credit top prize, you might be doing some math here calculating the triple wins in the bonus round, but the 10,000 credits remain intact. Five Cleopatra symbols are not eligible for the multiplier.

Virtual Cleopatra

IGT's original version has been in many land-based casinos since 2005 but, starting in 2012, online players are now also allowed to travel back in time with the new website version. This 10,000 credit payout version can be found in casinos like Ladbrokes, The Palaces, and Betfair, and players will have a remarkably similar experience to the in-person game whether on the full site or through smartphone play.

The Big Money Has Arrived: Megajackpots

Due to the popularity of this particular slot, you have to figure that IGT would want to expand their menu so, not only is there a sequel aptly named Cleopatra II, but progressive jackpot players now get to play a fan favorite. But, this time, for mega money payouts with Megajackpots Cleopatra.

It's remarkably similar to the original, with a few fun twists and, of course, a much higher jackpot.

The bonus round is still triggered by the Sphinx symbols and can also be retriggered up to 180 times. Let's be honest, though, that's not going to happen all that much, but in the short period we've played this game, we have received a retrigger a few times anyway.

In this round, the wins are still tripled and, if you receive a wild symbol, you add another two-times multiplier making your current and upcoming bonus winnings now subject to a five-times total.

The big payout comes with five Megajackpot symbols on all five reels, but they must appear in the center line.

Megajackpots Tip

This game has been shown to have a fluctuating RTP (Return to Player) percentage. It's much lower, meaning it has a higher house edge, as it comes in at 88.98% when the top prize is below 750,000.

When it hits that 750K mark though, it then goes up to 92.02%. Keep watching, and when the available jackpot reaches a million, it increases to its published 93.03% RTP. So, it's not fool proof, but better odds come in the longer the prize sits without being won as this game isn't known for getting into the multi-million payouts.

A Share Of the Riches

We couldn't really provide you with fun stories about 10,000 credit winners with the original game, but Megajackpots is where the fun starts, as the payouts are so much higher.

This version is relatively new, with its 2015 release but has already paid out often. Within one month's time in 2016, four top payouts were awarded within one month's time.

  1. 27 April: £681,494
  2. 28 April: £513,166
  3. 6 May: £594,978
  4. 24 May: £691,866

Notice anything about the April dates? The game hit twice within 24 hours!

In June of that same year, the prize topped £1.2 million and was claimed by a UK player who was betting a total of £2 per spin.

So, you won't usually see those numbers reach as high as a game like Mega Moolah that starts at £1 million and has been known to climb to six, seven, or eight, but you will find more frequent payouts with this progressive jackpot version of the beautiful Egyptian Queen.

The Many Faces

We just talked about Cleopatra, Cleopatra II, and Megajackpots Cleopatra, but those aren't the extent of the collection.

IGT has a few of the original games in different maximum bet varieties, and it also offers Cleopatra Bingo, Cleopatra II Bingo, Wheel of Fortune Super Spin Cleopatra, Fort Knox Cleopatra, and the Egyptian Empire Cleopatra Slot Game.

Online players may be very familiar with Cleopatra's Gold. It bears a remarkable resemblance to the original Cleopatra by IGT, but this version is a Reel Series version produced by RTG (Real Time Gaming). It's also a five-reel, 20 pay line game with a 10,000 credit maximum payout. Cleo is once again the wild symbol and doubles the prize when she makes her appearance on a winning line.

The graphic symbols are also in the same proximity with a pyramid, a scarab, a cat and the Egyptian Eye with number symbols integrated into the mix.

Cleopatra's Gold can be found at Bodog, Planet 7, and most RTG casinos.

We'll wrap things up with one more Cleopatra jackpot version, A Night with Cleo. This is definitely for adults only (as all of these games should be anyway). It retains that basic premise of five-reel, 20 pay lines, and 15 free spins. However, with this version, when you win something, you have the chance to double it up by guessing which flower in Cleo's hands holds the gold. Guess correctly and not only do you win, but she takes off a piece of clothing. Yes, we said it's for mature audiences, and it should be noted that way on every site that carries it.

A Night with Cleo is a random jackpot game, and recent payouts have been anywhere from 16K to over 750,000. Again, this is a more regular paying game rather than building up a much larger prize pool.

A Night with Cleo can be found at Bovada and Ignition casinos for US players.

She's Everywhere

You really don't have to look far to find some version of Cleopatra slots. They're in brick and mortar locations as well as a huge number of internet casinos. Travel back in time and share in the riches of the Queen of the Nile, eyeliner is optional.