Slot Machine Myths

There are a lot of rumors that circulate regarding slot machines. If you’ve seen people rubbing symbols on a slot machine, or pushing the spin button several times for each spin, you’ve had a glimpse at the superstitions surrounding them. Please send those people to our article here, where we are going to unmask the truth behind the most common slot machine myths.

So Let’s Tackle Some Myths

Using a casino club card decreases your chances of winning.

Fact: Slot MythsA club card or casino VIP card is its own program for tracking your spending within the casino. These programs are not linked to the Random Number Generator in any way. This has been extensively researched. Any reputable casino will have their RNG programs tested frequently.

In fact, not using your player’s card actually decreases your chances of winning. Loyalty cards usually pay in free play money. This means additional spins on a slot machine for you, which equals more chances at a jackpot.

Slot machines have hot and cold streaks.

Fact: The outcome of a slot machine spin is determined by the Random Number Generator. Each spin is independent and not based on any previous spins. With any random sequence, there will be repeating good and bad results, but they are not based on the previous outcome.

I guess technically this one could be considered a half-truth. A slot machine will most likely have hot and cold streaks. That is simply a fact of random sequences. However, these “streaks” will have no effect on the probability of your next spin resulting in a win or a loss.

Using the autoplay feature decreases your chances of winning.

Fact: We’re going to be saying Random Number Generator frequently in this article. Using an auto play feature simply stops the RNG without you needing to manually push the button to do so. The Random Number Generator can produce billions of numbers per second. The auto spin feature cannot get set on a losing sequence because the RNG sequence moves at a much faster rate.

Once again, there is no pattern to the Random Number Generator anyway. Even if the auto spin feature and RNG moved at the same pace, there is no such thing as a losing sequence.

A machine with a lever is more likely to win than pressing a spin button.

A machine with a lever is more likely to win.

Fact: Slot machines that use a lever to initiate a spin work in the exact same way as a slot that uses a spin button. There is simply a different mechanism that stops the Random Number Generator. While it may be more fun to pull a lever to spin as opposed to pushing a button, it will have no effect whatsoever on your outcome.

Coin temperature can affect your chances of winning.

Fact: This one seems irrational, but I assure you, there are many people who still believe it. In fact, I saw someone with hand warmers on their machine that they would place their coins on before using them. Any coin that you put into a slot machine, will simply go into the collection bank and allow the use of the spin feature.

Slot machines do not have any sort of temperature reading whatsoever. Not only that, how warm the coin is that is sitting in the collector, will have no effect on when you initiate the Random Number Generator.

If a machine just hit a jackpot, another one isn’t happening for a while.

If a machine just hit a jackpot, another one won’t happen soon.

Fact: Are you sick of hearing about Random Number Generators yet? If you take a look at probability and odds, you will find that jackpots are more unlikely to occur twice in a row. Because of the way a random number generator works, this is only a true statement before a jackpot is won.

Since each spin is independent of the results of the previous spin, you are just as likely to hit a jackpot on the spin following a jackpot as you are on any other spin.

The time of day you play matters.

Fact: The house advantage percentage is programmed into a machine when manufactured. Even if the microchip controlling this is swapped out, there is no easy way to alter it. Your odds of winning are fixed into the slot machine’s hardware.

This, combined with the Random Number Generator, means that the time of day a machine will pay a jackpot is, you guessed it; random.

There is nothing you can do to increase your odds of winning.

Fact: While each machine is controlled by the RNG and has a preprogrammed house advantage, there are steps you can take to increase your chances of winning.

Some machines have much higher odds of winning. Playing these types of machines will increase your chances. A few tips to picking a slot machine with better odds of winning:

Stay Away from Progressive Slots
With so many people vying for a chance at the jackpot, casinos are able to set a higher house advantage on these machines. To compensate for the slight chance at paying out an enormous jackpot, they usually set their advantage higher on these.

Play Max Credits
Most machines have higher win percentages when playing max credits. If you are playing a progressive machine, max credits must be played to have a chance at winning the progressive jackpot.

Play the Highest Denomination for that Machine
If the slot machine you are playing has multiple denomination options, the highest denomination available will have the highest odds of winning.

Stay Away from Video Slots
Video slots usually have a bunch of extra features associated with them. These are things like bonuses, video clips, etc. Since these take up extra time on the machine, the house makes less money. Fewer spins equals less money for the casino. In order to compensate for this, the house advantage on video slots is usually slightly higher than on traditional slot games.

Online slot machines are “rigged“.

Fact: Online slot machine are routinely inspected for fairness the same way a slot machine in a land-based casino is. If you are playing at a reputable online casino, with current seals proving licensing and regulation, there shouldn’t be any worry of playing a fair slots game. With lower operating costs, many online casinos actually offer better winning odds on their slots than many brick and mortar casinos.

Slot machines run in cycles that will repeat again.

Fact: The slot machine “cycles” are completely random. An RNG starts with a particular number called a “seed”. From there the number is divided and multiplied in a specific mathematical formula. This formula was created to avoid any sort of pattern.

The random number generator produces numbers so rapidly, that trying to stop it at an exact time to recreate a result would be impossible. We are talking about fractions of milliseconds here.

Using a club card allows your winnings to be reported to the IRS.

Fact: Any amount won over $1200 will be reported to the IRS. This is for US casino players of course. This is the only IRS reporting figure that a casino cares about. Anything other than that figure is your responsibility to report.

If a casino looked at all of their player’s club card accounts to report to the IRS, they would be completely consumed with that task. In addition, this would be a huge deterrent for many players. That’s less money for the casino. I can assure you, the casino you are playing at does not care if you file your personal taxes correctly.

Casino operators can tighten a slot machine remotely.

Fact: The house advantage percentage is programmed into a microchip within the hardware of the slot machine. This is done before the casino gains possession of the slot machine.

For online casinos this is similar. The house advantage is plugged into the code of the game itself. They are unable to alter it easily. To do so requires purchasing of new microchips, a lot of paperwork and new inspections. There is not an option for a casino to be able to alter the odds percentages in any other way.


SuperstitionsThere is no doubt that many gamblers take superstitions to a whole new level. With slot machines being a game of luck, they tend to bring out the most outrageous myths of all casino games. Most of these can be debunked by simply looking at the myth rationally.

With knowledge of how Random Number Generators work, you can figure out most them for yourself. As long as your gambling with a reputable casino there should be no question that your slot machine results are dependent only upon the microsecond that you spin the reels.