Starburst Slot Review

Unlike many of the entertainment-themed slots, we don’t have an elaborate back story to share with you regarding this slot game. It also doesn’t have intricate bonus rounds or all of the bells and whistles that accompany so many of today’s video versions.

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What’s Good

  • Large payouts.
  • Win Both Ways.
  • An “okay” return to player at 96.1%.

What Could Be Better

  • No additional bonus rounds or random games.
  • Lack of progressive jackpot version.
  • Unavailable to U.S. players.

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Why Is It So Popular?

Primarily because of how it's being promoted through many online casinos as a part of their welcome bonus packages. There are a number of them that not only provide for a matching deposit award but also release some free spins specially designated for use on Starburst only. Once players give it a try, it seems that they're hooked.

Another reason for the popularity is the appeal it has with mobile players. It's a simple game that takes core elements and enhances them. Everything translates easily to smaller screens, and it's such a straightforward game that mobile play is equally as good as using the full website version.

Arcade Atmosphere? Space Themed?

Starburst was released by NetEnt in 2012 and has been described in a lot of ways. Some say it's similar to some of the old arcade games, and you do get that impression from the sound effects, but the rest doesn't fit. Others say it's a space themed game, and you can also pick up on that a bit as well, as the starbursts do look like asteroids, but the symbols are gems. So, space themed isn't an accurate description either.

We'd say it's more of a one of a kind game that takes the original one-armed bandits with those simple, recognizable symbols and cranks it up a notch, or ten or 100.

When you get a winning combination, the audio kicks in and that's where you'll get that arcade vibe from as the prize is revealed while you hear those familiar tones that signal something good has just happened for your benefit.

A Starburst symbol launches some new audio and visual enhancements that zap into place preparing you for your wild spin or spins. It's not the most unusual thing we've ever seen in a slot game, but there's something fun about watching the starbursts multiply and activate a free spin or two.

Two Features

You've must have gathered already that we're not going to delve into long lists of bonus and other custom features of this game as they're just not there.

There are two and only two highlights:

  1. The Starburst: not only is it a wild card, but one Starburst fills in the entire reel with three of the symbols and then activates anywhere from one to three free spins. Players then receive a payout from the first spin as well as the subsequent bonus spins.
  2. Win Both Ways: The pay lines work from left to right and then in reverse from right to left as well. For anyone used to playing with only one direction, it can be exciting because you're sometimes paid on combinations that you didn't even notice.

A Few Little Details

The game is a five-line, ten pay line game with ten different levels each depicting the number of credits bet per line.

o, where it says Level 1, the translation in "slot speak" is one credit per line.

Players can opt to select any level from one to ten. Level ten would provide the maximum 100 credit bet per spin.

The only wild cards are the starburst logos, and they appear on reels 2, 3, and 4 only. One wild card converts the entire reel (vertically) to wild for the current prize as well as the free spin or spins.

The Sparkle Factor

Most of the game symbols are gemstones with a few traditional slot images thrown in for good measure.

Each symbol provides the following prize for each coin bet:

  • Gold Bar = 250 for five / 50 for three
  • The "7" = 120 for five / 25 for three
  • Yellow Gem = 60 for five / 10 for three
  • Green Gem = 50 for five / 8 for three
  • Orange Gem = 40 for five / 7 for three
  • Blue Gem = 25 for five / 5 for three
  • Purple Gem = 25 for five / 5 for three

The Big Payout: How Is It Possible?

We're trying to stump you here.

The scenario is that wild cards don't come with any multiplier, the maximum bet you can make is 100 (ten per line), and the biggest payout is 250 for five gold bars.

Even if you fill the board with gold bars, how do you get 50,000 credits as a top prize, when 100 times 250 = 25,000?

We'll give you a minute…

The answer is that you get paid both ways. This game allows for those dual action payouts, so 25,000 one way is also 25,000 in reverse, totaling 50,000. Did you figure it out? It took some pondering on our end as well.

You Get A Spin, You Get A Spin, And You Get A Spin...

Now that you've familiarized yourself with Starburst, you may still be wondering how players have gravitated to such a relatively simple game when so many high-tech, multi-bonused options are out there.

The recognition is primarily attributed to the promotions that revolve around Starburst. Giving away free spins to a slot game can get players hooked immediately. Whereas you may pass some titles by without a second look, actually getting in there and watching the Starburst burst into a reel of wilds and seeing how much fun it can be with the dual-action pay lines can reel you in (pun intended).

We mentioned at the start that many casinos did incorporate this one particular slot title into their welcome offers. You can find a large number of them on casinos that offer NetEnt Games. A couple of examples include:

Part of its gift to new players is 20 free spins on Starburst for ten consecutive days.

Mr Green
Mr. Green offers 20 days of five free spins a day on Starburst for its newly registered customers who accept the welcome bonus.

This game was even featured in a special May 2017 promotion in the bet365 casino as part of its £1 Million Pound Spectacular game.

It's a Gem

If you're a slot player who doesn't need a lot of involved bonus rounds with video clips and all kinds of activities integrated into them, you'll want to give Starburst a try. It's more for slot game purists who appreciate the dual action pay lines as well as a basic wild card bonus that provides enough to shake things up but not overwhelm with too much.

For dedicated mobile players, NetEnt provides this game in "mini format." Starburst Mini is designed in a smaller size for even better mobile translation.