Wheel of Fortune Slot Game

With four decades of popularity and a format that translates well to a slot format, it’s not surprising that this theme ended up as one of the more popular games in casinos.

Where to Play for Real Money?

What’s Good

  • One of the most popular slots.
  • 720 ways to win.
  • A respected software provider.
  • Two different bonus rounds.
  • Multiple denominations ($0.01-$5).

What Could Be Better

  • Unavailable to US players.
  • No progressive jackpot.
  • 92-96.08% return.
  • Triple Extreme Bonus is confusing.

Basic Information

Wheel of Fortune





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The Premise

Wheeeeel… of… Fortune! Since 1975, game show lovers have been treated to a televised version of hangman called "Wheel of Fortune." Wheel watchers have enjoyed the same host, Pat Sajak, and the same "letter turner," Vanna White, for more than 40 years.

Industry leader, IGT, launched the first Wheel of Fortune translation back in 1996 and, currently, there are more than 200 versions in land-based casinos. The progressive jackpots have made more than 1,000 lucky people instant millionaires and countless others have won both mini and major prizes throughout the years.

It wasn't until 2015 that Wheel popped up for online players, though. The Triple Extreme Spin is a non-progressive game, but an exclusive IGT MultiWay Xtra game with some big money potential.

Multiway Xtra

The formation of this unique five-reel game

Just looking at the game screen, you can tell that this isn't your typical slot game. It's not a standard 5 x 3 or 3 x 3 game. In fact, it's not standard at all. It is a five-reel slot, but what makes it interesting is the configuration of the reels, with the end reels (numbers one and five) each representing three symbols. The middle section (number three) is five symbols tall, and the remaining two, in the 2nd and 4th positions, display four symbols. It's not a grid at all.

Why does the game have such an odd configuration?

Multiway Xtra is a product of IGT that provides both physical slot machines as well as the online slot experience for a huge number of casinos and websites, representing more than 100 different countries. IGT is responsible for the 200 plus twists on Wheel of Fortune gaming and also recently converted their Triple Extreme Spin game for smooth online play.

MultiWay Xtra games don't use a regular pay line system like traditional slots. They pay for the like symbols in any combination as long as they're in order across the reels.

The Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin provides 720 different ways to win, and the maximum bet is 50 (not 720).

Just as an example, let's say that lemons are a winning symbol. Two lemons could be in the first reel once, on the second reel twice, the third reel four times, and then the fourth reel three times as well.

The number of lemons would be calculated as follows: 2 x 2 x 4 x 3 = 48

48 combinations of lemons = 48x the typical win for four lemons

If a standard prize for that particular combination of lemons was $1.00, the Multiway Xtra payout results in a total of $48.00.

Spin the wheel for cash... no puzzle-solving necessary

As we mentioned, there are several versions of this game throughout Las Vegas and at land-based casinos around the world. Over the years, IGT has produced over 200 different twists on one of the most favored games by slot players everywhere.

The premise is a carry over from the TV show where contestants spin the wheel and collect cash and prizes for correct letters and accurately solving the puzzle. The format is just like hangman where letters are guessed one at a time and, the more letters on the board, the easier it is to solve the puzzle.

The symbols in the slot game are Wheel of Fortune-themed and include cruise ships, emerald necklaces, and convertible sports cars, all integrated with traditional slot fruit icons.

Solving a puzzle isn't part of the slot experience. Getting to spin the wheel is a matter of luck and receiving the correct combination of symbols.

The wheel bonus is where you see the game translation, though. The bonus has "the wheel," a relatively accurate depiction of the game show's focus, with different prize amounts. The online game doesn't include the "bankrupt" option as some of the regular Wheel games do in person, it just offers different prize amounts.

You can find these particular games by walking into actual casino doors, as they are not available for online wagering:

  • Triple Spin Multiplay Video Slot
  • Triple Strike
  • Dazzling Gems
  • Wild Getaway – a 30 line; 300 credit version

There are dozens and dozens of other similar games currently out there today. Some versions were taken down and replaced by new and flashier alternatives, and it seems that IGT continues to evolve this fan-favorite as new technology emerges.

Triple Extreme Spin

If you're a Wheel lover and want to play it in the comfort of your own home, IGT casinos now offer the Triple Extreme Spin with its MultiWay Xtra configuration.

There are just two steps to getting started:

  1. Select your denomination keeping in mind that the minimum bet is 50 for the 720-way action.
  2. Press "Spin" and get your first game started

MultiWay Xtra and two bonuses

  1. Multiway Xtra - MultiWay Xtra is in play every time you place your bet. You can win going from left to right, or right to left. There are no regular pay lines, you're just looking for three like symbols on the first three reels or the last three, but adding a 4th or 5th reel increases the prize significantly. The lowest paying hand is three "Bananas, " and the highest is five "Wheel of Fortune" or "Wild" symbols.
  2. Mini Wheel Bonus – This bonus is triggered when three or more "Scatter" symbols appear in any position on the board. Three scatters immediately turn into little wheels that all spin simultaneously and then stops from left to right. The values determined by each of the three independent spins and are added together, multiplied by the coin value, and then the mini wheel bonus total is added to the total paid for the entire round.
  3. Triple Extreme Spin Bonus – This is the one you want, as this is where big money could come into play.
    • If three or more "Bonus" symbols appear during a round, 12 envelopes are then displayed in the bonus game. If three bonus symbols popped up, you get to choose three envelopes, four symbols = four envelopes, and so on. Remember, you can get more than five. Bonus symbols appear on reels 2, 3, and 4 only but they add up to 13 potential open spots.
    • Each selected envelope reveals a pointer for either a blue, red, or yellow bonus round wheel.
    • Each wheel has the potential for three pointers only so, after three, additional ones would payout at a designated amount.
    • After the pointers are in place, the wheels then spin.
    • Blue and red wheels reflect pay values, and the yellow wheel is only comprised of multipliers.
    • All values are added up and multipliers applied to get the total payout.

Some other special symbols:

  • Wild – Appears as "WILD" on reels 2, 3, and 4 only. Wild will substitute for any symbol except "Wheel of Fortune," "Scatter", or the bonus symbol.
  • Scatter – Three or more "Scatters" on any reel in any position trigger the mini wheel bonus that pays 50 times to 3,850 times the coin value.
  • Wheel of Fortune – The symbols for the top prize awards. On three reels, it pays 2000, on four it's 5,000, and on five it's 10,000.

Just the Facts:

  1. 50 coin bet
  2. Denominations range between $.01 per credit and $5.00 (stakes of $0.50 to $250.00 per round)
  3. 720 ways to win
  4. Wild Symbol = WILD
  5. Mini Bonus Symbol = Scatter
  6. Triple Extreme Spin Bonus = Triple Wheel of Fortune icon
  7. Top Payout Symbol = Single Wheel of Fortune icon or five Wilds
  8. Lower-tier Payout Symbols = Fruit (cherries, apples, oranges, plums, and bananas)
  9. Higher-tier Payout Symbols = Convertible, Emerald Necklace, and Cruise Ship
  10. Jackpot Play = Three of more Triple Extreme Bonus symbols trigger bonus play
  11. Auto Spin Feature – Yes
  12. Jackpot Progressive – No
  13. Variance – Medium
  14. RTP – 92% - 96.08%

What makes the Triple Extreme Spin Bonus different?

The one main thing that makes WoF's online game stand out is the Multiway Xtra formatting used. Triple Extreme Spin isn't a progressive jackpot game but, by the nature of its design, big money can be won if enough symbols come out both horizontally and vertically.

Identical symbols can appear on one reel, as well as across the board and they all factor into the overall payout.

50 credits do need to be wagered for the 720 line action, so the game is designed more for high rollers, but if the penny or 1p game is available, you're only looking at 50 as a minimum investment per round.


Top five symbol payout for Triple Extreme Spin: 10,000 credits for either five WoF symbols or five Wilds.

There isn't a progressive jackpot associated with the online game, but land-based casinos have awarded over 1,000 million dollars plus (USD) payouts over the years.

Recent Million-plus winners:

  • $2,304,009 - $5.00 play – Regular Wheel of Fortune – Nevada
  • $1,490,978 - $5.00 play – Regular Wheel of Fortune – Native American
  • $1,187,893 - $0.05 play – Wheel of Fortune Video Slots – Colorado
  • $2,869,509 - $0.25 play – Regular Wheel of Fortune – Louisiana
  • $1,260,973 - $0.50 play – Regular Wheel of Fortune – New Jersey

Where Can You Play?

While the games are prevalent at a large number of brick and mortar casinos especially wherever IGT is providing the machines, it's a bit harder to find it online. However, many operators that offer IGT slots have been adding in the Triple Extreme Spin to their slot banks.

A few places where you can currently find it include LeoVegas Casino, William Hill, the Double Down Casino, and the Golden Nugget (New Jersey).